When will I receive my order?

7-10 business days

Will local pickup be available?

No, local pickup will not be an option

Can I buy hair and book a appointment?

Yes, this is for local clients only. Once you place your order you will need to visit the book appointment tab to set up an appointment. Please make sure that you book your appointment date to an accurate time that you will be receiving your order.

How do I maintain my hair?

Always co-wash the wig or bundles before installing onto the head. Detangle hair daily gently brushing the hair from bottom( ends) to top( roots/weft). Use a heat protectant spray before you straighten or curl hair.

Wash wigs or bundles every 2-3 weeks for long lasting results. 

Do you sell any other products that are not listed on the site?

Everything listed on the site is what is currently being sold, this is subject to change. You can always signup with an email to receive all latest arrivals and updates. 

How to maintain curly/ deepwave hair?

Detangle fully by brushing gently from top to bottom, use a spray bottle filled with water and saturate the hair thoroughly for best results. Use a small amount of “mixed chicks leave in conditioner”  to define your curls make sure to distribute evenly, brush through and let it air dry. Detangle at night before bed and twist the hair in 2-4 sections for soft and manageable results the next day. 

How long does the hair last?

2-3 years with proper care


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